Contact details for the Research Office staff.

General contact

The IT Service Desk is the central contact point for all support requests regarding the University's electronic research management system, InfoEd. This includes the Research Funding Module and the Ethics and Biological Safety Modules. If you have a support request, please log a call at the Staff Service Portal or call the Staff Service Centre on 86000.

If you require information regarding research management processes (e.g. submitting your research or ethics application, managing an existing project, or obtaining research agreements), contact the appropriate team in the Research Office. All the relevant names and contact numbers are below, as is our organisation chart. We have set up some shared email addresses to enable prompt response for each of the functions if you are still unsure. 

Office Services

Robyn Hill
Director Research Management (Acting)
Ext: 83812

Mobile: 021 433 344



Nikora Edser
EA to Director
Ext: 87351


Courteney Maxwell
Ext: 86725

Income Growth and Research Analytics

Mandy Brown
Associate Director, Research Management - Income Growth and Research Analytics
Ext: 82735

Dr Katie Appleyard
Business Growth Adviser - Science; Law
Ext: 81400

Jaylene Wehipeihana (replacing Lina Gonzalez on maternity leave)
Business Growth Adviser - FMHS; Liggins
Ext: 86382

Dr Faith Smith
Business Growth Advisor- Arts; Business & Economics;  ABI; Education and Social Work; Engineering; Creative Arts and Industries
Ext: 81131

Cameron Reynolds
Reporting Analyst and Administrator
Ext: 88625

Chelvica Ariyanayagam
Prizes and Awards Administrator
Ext: 89912


Pre - Award Application Support Services

Caroline Pratt
Associate Director, Pre-Award Support Services (Acting)
Ext: 83718



Kathryn Howard
Submissions Team Leader (International Portfolio)
Ext: 89593

Andrew Afable
Administrator - Science and Innovation Portfolio
Ext: 87482

Victoria Smith
Funds Advisor - Health Research Portfolio
Ext: 89638

Silvia Arixi
Administrator - Health Research Portfolio
Ext: 85365

Carissa Fonseca
Funds Advisor - Fundamental Research Portfolio (including Royal Society)
Ext: 83986

Kim Vasay
Administrator - Fundamental Research Portfolio (including Royal Society)
Ext: 81290



Christiane Rupp
Agreements Team Leader (Acting)
Ext: 86615

Anthony Hosking
Senior Contracts Administrator
Ext: 81037

Jonathan Harvey
Senior Contracts Administrator
Ext: 81656

Jing Liu/Bernadette Power
Contracts Administrator
Ext: 89860/82586

Denice Belsten/Chris Sims
Senior Contracts Administrator
Ext: 87070/89885

Eszter Muradin
Contracts Administrator 
Ext: 89212


Post - Award Support Services

Elizabeth Visser
Associate Director Post Award Support Services
Ext: 83711

Ethics and Animal Welfare


Dr Nick Reymond
Research Process Team Leader
Ext: 84373

Fiona Cheal
Ethics Advisor
Ext: 81338

Colleen Altagracia
Ethics Advisor
Ext: 88293

Lizzie Blair-Finlay
Ext: 83025

Aimee Daw
Ext: 86356

Dr Jodi Salinsky
Animal Welfare Officer
Ext: 89863

Contracts Management


Katie Jones
Contracts Management Team Leader
Ext: 81814

Candice Tian
Research Projects Coordinator
Ext: 83279

Colin Ting
Research Projects Coordinator
Ext: 88866

Christina Zhang
Research Projects Coordinator
Ext: 88866

Helen Madden
Research Projects Coordinator
Ext: 87328

Melissa Rotella
Research Projects Coordinator
Ext: 88763

Xavier Gillette
Administrator (Activations)
Ext: 89805

Finance and International Contracts  


Kiel Joe
Finance and International Contracts Team Leader
Ext: 81328

Srini Badrinarayanan
Accounts Administrator
Ext: 87790

Nancy Liau
Accounts Administrator
Ext: 84982

Haidee Watkins
Research Projects Co-ordinator (International)
Ext: 87630

Yang Du
Research Projects Co-ordinator (International)
Ext: 87227

Physical Location

Building 620
Level 10
49-51 Symonds St, Auckland