Services to researchers

The Research Office provides a wide range of services to help faculties, schools, departments, institutes and individual researchers contribute to the University’s research objectives. The Research Office can provide:

Assistance across the full research-funding process

The office can help you with the entire research funding process including:

  • identification of funding opportunities (eg upcoming opportunities, eligibility criteria)
  • application processes (liaising with funding bodies, application requirements and compliance, proposals, peer reviewing etc)
  • administration of awards (liaising with the funding body, assisting with negotiation of contracts)
  • closure of projects (manage remaining funds and close accounts).

For some fund applications, the Research Office has specific deadlines that are in advance of the date advertised by the funding body. Because of the high volume of applications, the Research Office needs time to review applications to ensure that they meet the University’s quality standards and the requirements of the funding body.
While the Research Office provides administrative support for the research funding process, responsibility for the quality and management of research applications and the execution of grants or contracts remains with the Principal Investigator or lead researcher.

Management oversight stays with the head of department or faculty. Any cost associated with specific project management of major grants should be included in the application budget as a specialised Full Time Employee amount.


Assistance with financial matters

The Research Office is in charge of invoicing matters and can provide assistance with the costing of research proposals and with the completion of budget and application forms. 

Your faculty or department is in charge of financial reporting and with determining how much funding is available to spend. In respect of these matters, you should go to your faculty or department.


Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS) accounts

The Research Office recently handed the administration of PReSS (Postgraduate Research Student Support) accounts over to the School of Graduate Studies.

For more information, go to the Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS) accounts.


Ethics and biological safety approvals

The Ethics and Biological Safety Secretariat (Level 3, 76 Symonds Street) offers support for researchers, ensuring all relevant ethical approvals are identified, applied for and documented. The secretariat can provide assistance and advice on:

Please note: it is the responsibility of individual researchers or teams to ensure they have obtained necessary ethics or HSNO approval prior to undertaking research.