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Accounting & Finance (BS)
AIESEC Auckland
Alumni Office
Anatomy and Medical Imaging
Anthropology (FOA)
Applied Language Studies and Linguistics (FOA)
Architecture (NICAI)
Art History (FOA)
Arts, Faculty of (FOA)
Asian Studies, School of (FOA)
Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
Auckland MBA, The (BS)
Auckland City Hospital
Auckland University Press
Audiology (FMHS - Biomedical Sciences)
AUSA - Auckland University Students Association
AUSA - Tāmaki


Bindery, The (See University Bindery)
Biological Sciences, School of (FOS)
Biomedical Imaging Research Unit (FMHS)
Business & Economics, Faculty of (FBE)
Business School Computer Services Unit


Campus Recreation Centre
Calendar and Regulations Office
Career Development and Employment Services (CDES)

Centre for Continuing Education
Centre for Health Services Research and Policy (CHSRP)(FMHS)
The Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education
Centre for Maori Innovation & Development (CMID)
Centre for Pacific Studies (FOA)
Centre for Research in Network Economics and Communications - CRNEC (BS)
Centre of Digital Enterprise - CODE (BS)
Centre for Educational Leadership (UACEL)
Chemistry (FOS)
Chemical & Materials Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)
Chinese (FOA)
Civil & Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)
Classics & Ancient History (FOA)
Clinical Pharmacology (FMHS)
Commerce Computer Services Unit
Commercial Law (BS)
Community Health (FMHS)
Comparative Literature
Computer Science (FOS)
Communications and Marketing (staff only)
Continuing Education, Center for
Cook Islands Maori (FOA)
Counselling (Student Health)
Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, School of (Faculty of Education)
Critical Studies in Education, School of (Faculty of Education)
Curriciulum and Pedagogy, School of (Faculty of Education)


Dance (NICAI)
Development Studies (FOA)
Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment (DELNA)
Disability Services
Doctor (Student Health)


Economics (BS)
Education, Faculty of
Elam School of Fine Arts (ELAM)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)
Engineering, Faculty of
Engineering Science (Faculty of Engineering)
English (FOA)
English Language Academy (ELA)
Environment and Sustainability
Environmental Science
EO: Equity Office
Ethnomusicology (FOA)
European Languages & Literatures, School of (FOA)
Evaluation and Assessments Scanning Centre
Executive Education
Executive Programmes (BS)
Exercise Sciences - Tāmaki (FOS) (formerly Sport and Exercise Science)
External Relations (see Advancement or Alumni Office)


Faculty student centres
Film Television and Media Studies Department (FOA)
Fine Arts (ELAM)
Foundation Studies
French (FOA)


General Practice (FMHS)
Germanic Languages
Geography (FOS)
Geology (FOS)
George Fraser Gallery
Geothermal Institute (Faculty of Engineering)
Graduate Centre
Graduate School of Management
Graduation Office
Graduation Search Records
Greek (FOA)
Gus Fisher Gallery


Health services (Student Health)
History (FOA)
Human Resources (staff only)


Indonesian (FOA)
Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM)
Information Technology Services (staff only)
Institute of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Institute of Language Teaching & Learning (FOA)
International Office
International Relations
Italian (FOA)


James Henare Maori Research Centre
Japanese (FOA)
jobs4grads.net (see NZUniCareerHub)


Korean (FOA)


Latin (FOA)
Latin American Studies, Centre for (FOA)
Law, Faculty of
Learning, Development and Professional Practice, School of (Faculty of Education)
Learning Environment Support Unit (LESU) (staff only)
Legal Research Foundation
Leigh Marine Laboratory
Libraries and Learning Services
Liggins Institute
Linguistics (FOA)


Maidment Theatre
Management and International Business (BS)
Maori and Pacific Health (FMHS)
Maori Studies (FOA)
Marketing (BS)
Mathematics (FOS)
Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)
Mediator's Office (staff only)
Medicine, School of (FMHS)
Medical & Health Sciences, Faculty of
Medical services (Student Health)
Mira Szászy Research Centre (BS)
Molecular Medicine & Pathology (FMHS)
Music, School of (NICAI)


National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries
New Start
New Zealand Asia Institute
New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law
New Zealand Leadership Institute (NZLI)
Nursing (FMHS)
Nutrition (FMHS)


Obstetrics & Gynaecology (FMHS)
Ophthalmology (FMHS)
Optometry & Vision Science (FMHS)


Pacific Studies (FOA)
Paediatrics (FMHS)
People and Organisation Development (POD) (Staff only - formerly Staff and Organisation Development Unit (SODU))
Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology (FMHS)
Pharmacy (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences)
Philosophy (FOA)
Photography and Television Group
Physics (FOS)
Physiology (FMHS- Biomedical Sciences Division)
Planning (NICAI)
Planning and Quality Office (staff only)
Polish (FOA)
Political Studies (FOA)
Population Health, School of (FMHS)
Property (BS)
Property Services (staff only)
Psychological Medicine (FMHS)
Psychology (FOS)


Research Office
Russian (FOA)


Samoan (FOA)
School of Graduate Studies
Schools Partnership Office
Science, Faculty of
Social Work and Human Services (Faculty of Education)
Sociology (FOA)
Spanish (FOA)
Sport and Recreation
Staff and Organisational Development Unit (SODU) (see People and Organisation Development (POD) (staff only))
Statistics (FOS)
Student Learning Services (Tā te Ākonga)
Surgery (FMHS)
Sustainability and Environment


Tāmaki Innovation Campus
Te Puna Wānanga (Faculty of Education)
Te Wānanga o Waipapa
Team Solutions (Faculty of Education)
Tertiary Foundation Certificate Programme
Theology, School of
Tongan (FOA)
Translation and Interpreting Studies (FOA)


University of Auckland Business Review (BS)
uniSat - Satellite Receiving Station - Tāmaki
Uniservices Limited, Auckland
University Bindery
University Media Productions


Vice-Chancellor's Office
Visual Arts


Woolf Fisher Research Centre

Womens Studies (FOA)