Parking for Staff with Family Responsibilities Guidelines


These guidelines apply to all staff at the University.


These guidelines outline the process for issuing parking permits to staff with family responsibilities, which is administered by the Equity Office.


  • Temporary parking permits for staff with family responsibilities are intended to cover short-term emergency situations or pregnancy related conditions for staff who do not hold University parking permits
  • They are available for a period of up to two weeks, but may be renewed, depending on circumstances and demand
  • The permits allow the holder to seek parking in University carparking areas
  • It does not guarantee a park if no spaces are available
  • Examples of circumstances in which staff may require parking permits include:
    • needing to visit a seriously ill family member during working hours
    • women in the later stages of pregnancy or suffering complications (pregnancy in itself is not constitute grounds)
    • women returning to work after childbirth
    • women having difficulty in arranging breast feeding



  • Staff should fill in an application form stating the reason for application and the length of time the permit is required
  • They may attach supporting information such as a statement from their HoD/manager
  • Applicants who currently hold permits but require parking closer to their buildings will also be considered (but will be charged)
  • Each application will be considered by the Staff Equity Manager
  • Application forms can be obtained by contacting Margaret Freeman (Administration & Finance Coordinator - Equity) by email:
  • Permits can be collected from Staff Equity
  • Payments are based on current University parking rates
  • Staff will be charged for the duration they hold a permit and they must be returned by the day they expire, or staff may apply for an extension where necessary
  • This  programme  is  monitored  on  a  six-monthly  basis  to  ensure  that  there  are  a satisfactory number of permits available



The following definitions apply to these guidelines:

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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Date reviewed: 1 March 2014

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