Motor Vehicles Driver Policy


This policy applies to all University Staff, students and other individuals with access to or responsibility for a University vehicle used for University business.


To state the requirements relating to the use of a University vehicle for University business.

This policy must be read in conjunction with:


The University is committed to road and vehicle safety.  The use of motor vehicles is one of the University's greatest health and safety risk areas. It is important that people using University vehicles are aware of these risks and their responsibilities.

Subject to availability, University vehicles should be used for University business in preference to private vehicles.


Allocation and use

1.    Log books are to be maintained by drivers of all University vehicles

2.    University vehicles are not available for private use

3.    University vehicles are not available for third-party hire

Approved drivers

4.      Staff, students or other individuals who drive a University vehicle must have:

  • read, understood and accepted this policy
  • a current, unrestricted, New Zealand Drivers Licence for the appropriate vehicle class.
  • completed a Driver Agreement form and had it approved by their line manager

Note: Overseas licences will be accepted only in accordance with NZTA guidelines.

5.    The approved driver is responsible for:

  • the University vehicle when in use
  • advising their line manager and the vehicle administrator if their licence has been cancelled or has restrictions imposed
  • ensuring that they are familiar with the operating procedures for the vehicle (for example manual or automatic gear box) and that they are competent in this regard

Fines and infringements

6.    The approved driver is responsible for any penalties or fines imposed, including speeding, traffic infringements and parking fines that they incur and any further charges incurred by the University as a result of non-payment of fines

Health and safety

7.    Smoking is not permitted in any University vehicle at any time

8.    Drivers must not be intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance

9.    All drivers must be aware of safe driving practices in relation to:

  • travelling long distances and fatigue
  • towing
  • stowage of equipment
  • driving in hazardous conditions
  • level crossings
  • carriage of hazardous substances
  • road Code Compliance

Note : NZTA's website has further advice on safe driving

10. University vehicles may only be used if they are fit for purpose.  Some University vehicles may not be suitable for the transportation of sensitive, expensive or hazardous equipment and materials


11. All approved drivers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is in good and safe working condition for driving, and are additionally responsible for the safety of any passengers they may transport.  For example, this means that approved drivers must satisfy themselves that standard safety features such as seatbelts and headlights are functioning prior to commencing a journey

12. University vehicles should be well maintained and returned to the pool in a clean and tidy condition.  All approved drivers must ensure that maintenance needs, faults or damage are reported promptly to the Vehicle Administrator

13. The vehicle must be made available for inspection by the Fleet Manager or other nominated person as and when required

14. Any personal items left in a University vehicle are left at the risk of the owner.  The University will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items

Parking and security

15. University vehicles must be locked when parked. Under no circumstances are keys to be left in an unattended vehicle

16. Drivers are to remove all valuable items from the vehicle whilst parked or ensure valuables are placed out of sight to remove temptation from would-be thieves

17. If a University vehicle is stolen the theft is to be reported to the Police and the Vehicle Administrator. A Motor Vehicle Claim form is to be completed


The following definitions apply to this document:

Fleet Manager is an external specialist appointed by Financial Services to manage the University’s vehicle fleet. They are responsible for the delivery of all the University requirements as specified in the terms of their agreement

Line manager is the manager that the staff reports to

NZTA means New Zealand Transport Agency. It was previously known as LTNZ or LTSA

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

University vehicle(s)  include cars (primarily people-carrying, including saloons, station wagons, hatchbacks, estate vehicles), vans (primarily not people-carrying, including single and double cab), utilities, trucks, trailers, boat trailers, motorcycles, motor scooters, quad bikes, motorised boats, forklifts, mini vans, and grounds maintenance equipment (including ride on mowers, tractors, flat deck mowers) that are owned or leased by the University

Vehicle administrator(s) is nominated by the department as the vehicle ‘owner’, and is responsible for liaison internally with the Procurement Manager in Shared Services and externally with the University’s Fleet Manager, all online bookings, maintenance of log books and processing driver agreement forms

Vehicle pool comprise of vehicles owned and leased by the University. Each vehicle will be nominally allocated to a specific department but may be available to any other department for University business

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Date approved: 26 May 2014

Review date: 26 May 2016