First Aid Standards and Procedures


All staff members at the University.


To clarify the standards and procedures relating to the provision of first aid across the University.


The Factories and Commercial Premises (First Aid) Regulations 1985 require the provision of first aid cabinets, a trained first aider where there are more than 50 employees on site, and for a first aid room where there are more than 100 employees.


  1. The University will provide first aid facilities as required by legislation
  2. An adequate number of first aid rooms will be maintained to regulation standard, and most buildings will have a building first aider
  3. First aiders will be trained as appropriate to operational activities 

Related procedures

First aid cabinets

1.    First aid cabinets are to be located close to washing facilities (including hot and cold water, soap and clean towels) and should will be kept stocked with first aid equipment and materials appropriate for the work being undertaken and the number of persons employed

2.    Cabinets will be conspicuous and clearly identified or have their locations clearly indicated with signs

3.    The University provides 3 sizes of first aid cabinets:

        a.    1-10 employees (plastic box)

        b.    25-50 employees (wall cabinet)

        c.    50+ employees (wall cabinet)

4.    First aid cabinets and replacement items are available through the University’s procurement system and are a faculty or departmental responsibility

5.    Building first aiders are issued with first response kits intended for use in emergency evacuations

6.    These kits are sealed to indicate complete readiness for use

7.    Any items used are to be promptly replenished and the kit resealed

First aid rooms

8.    First aid rooms are maintained by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team in Human Resources. The rooms contain a bed, chair, blankets, first aid cabinet, hot and cold running water and towels

First aiders

9.    First aiders are volunteers trained at the University expense and who agree to their presence being notified within the University

10.   Organisation of Building First Aiders is a Human Resources responsibility

11.   The duties of those appointed are to keep their first response kit handy and ready for use, administer first aid as necessary and to put on their green jerkin and report with the first response kit to the building warden when the evacuation alarms sound


The following definitions apply to this document:

Staff member refers to an individual employed on a full or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries 

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