Associate Professor Promotion Procedures


Academic staff members applying for promotion to associate professor


To set out the procedures specific to the Associate Professor Promotion process. The Academic Promotions Policy and Procedures covers the generic procedural steps for all academic promotions at the University.

Nothing in this document is to override any collective agreement (CA) or any individual employment agreement (IEA); where there is conflict in the wording, the CA and/or IEA is to prevail.



Referee Reports

1.    Three external referees are to be asked to provide an assessment of the applicant’s merits and achievements as compared with their peers within the discipline nationally and internationally based on a review of the application

2.    The applicant is to designate one of the referees, and contact the referee to ensure that they are willing to assist

3.    The academic head is to designate two referees

4.    The academic head may consult with persons other than the applicant about potential referees

5.    The academic head is to advise HR of the names and details of each referee

6.    Referee reports are not to be available to the applicant

Recommendation of the FSC to the UASC

7.    All applications for promotion to associate professor are to be forwarded to the UASC

8.    The FSC is to recommend to UASC that the promotion be awarded or declined

9.    The FSC advises the UASC on every application for promotion to associate professor

10.    Both the views of the FSC and the views of the dean will be provided to the UASC by the dean

11.    If the view of the dean is different to the FSC, the dean must discuss this with the FSC prior to making the recommendation

12.    Where the dean has not recommended promotion and the UASC supports this decision, the dean is to write a letter to the applicant for distribution through HR

13.    HR must ensure there is a letter ready for mailing to each applicant

14.    Each letter is to include an invitation to discuss the decision with the dean as Chair of the FSC, or other person, to assist with guiding the applicant’s career.

15.    The faculty office is to hold the promotion application file for at least two years, after which it may be destroyed

16.    The applicant may request the return of material provided for the application

Dean’s advice for the UASC

17. The dean, as Chair of the FSC, is to provide to HR for UASC consideration:

  • a completed FSC Report for UASC – Promotion to Associate Professor Form for each applicant considered worthy of promotion to associate professor
  • a ranking of all faculty applicants for associate professor
  • any ranking provided by the academic head
  • copies of the application, referees’ reports and other material for all applicants
  • a copy of the FSC Decision Form, with brief reasons for each decision to recommend or decline promotion to associate professor


18.    The UASC is to consider in strict confidence:

  • the application
  • Academic Head Report to the FSC
  • FSC Report for UASC - Promotion to Associate Professor
  • any ranking information from the FSC
  • referee reports
  • other directly relevant reports (for example any report from a research funding body)

19.    The UASC may call the dean to present on a specific application, and in particular if the UASC is coming to a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor which is different from that of the dean

20.    The UASC is to recommend to the Vice-Chancellor on all applications for promotion to the grade of associate professor which are presented to it

21.    The recommendation of the UASC and brief reasons for the recommendation are to be recorded in a standard format during the meeting


22.    Where the Vice-Chancellor’s view is contrary to the UASC’s view, the Vice-Chancellor is to discuss the matter with the UASC prior to making a decision

23.    Where the Vice-Chancellor’s view is contrary to the dean’s view, the Vice-Chancellor is to advise the dean of this view

24.    The Vice-Chancellor is to decide on each application, and advise the dean of the decision(s)

25.    The Vice-Chancellor is to write to each applicant with the decision and provide an invitation to discuss the decision


The following definitions apply to these procedures:

Academic head means heads of departments, schools and other teaching and research units at Level 3 in the University Organisational Structure

FSC means the Faculty Staffing Committee consider academic staff appointments, continuations, promotion and research and study leave approvals

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

Referee means an external individual to the University who will:

  • be of high international standing
  • normally be at the grade of Professor
  • be from the discipline, or an allied discipline, of the staff member
  • not be a recent collaborator with the applicant in research

UASC means the University Academic Staffing Committee that maintains the academic standards of academic staff at the University, consider and recommend on promotion to professor and associate professor, receive reports from and assist in the activities of faculty staffing committees

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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