360 Degree Feedback Policy


Senior professional staff members at the University


The purpose of 360-degree feedback policy is to ensure that:

  • there is an appropriate use of 360 assessments, i.e. for development purposes only
  • the outcomes of  the assessment and  subsequent coaching are aligned  with  other leadership development initiatives
  • individuals participating in 360 leadership assessments and coaching are treated in a manner consistent with International Coaching Federation (ICF) guidelines  



The 360-degree feedback administration and coaching process have been designed and resourced to align with the Leadership Framework to help achieve objectives contained in The University of Auckland Strategic Plan.

Using an assessment tool a staff member (appraisee) rates themself and receives confidential, anonymous ratings from people (rater’s) who are familiar with the appraisee’s work. Results are designed to feed into leadership programmes and development plans to improve individual, team and organisational performance.


Eligibility and choice of 360-degree feedback

1.    The decision regarding eligibility is made by the dean/director in consultation with the HR Manager and the People and Organisational Development (POD) Manager

2.    Criteria such as seniority, existence of direct reports and leadership potential are considered

3.    Typically the process is for roles such as:

  • members of the Senior Management Team and their direct reports
  • associate deans, deputy deans and deputy directors
  • academic heads
  • participants on selected leadership programmes or as part of leadership coaching

4.    The process is voluntary for the appraisee and raters

Cost of the 360-degree feedback and coaching

5.    The cost for all 360-degree feedback and coaching is paid by the faculty/service of the person having the assessment and coaching

6.    Typically this covers:

  • administration of the assessment
  • co-ordination and delivery of appropriate coaching sessions by either an external or internal coach who is accredited in the use of the chosen assessment tool

Note - Prices differ depending on the assessment and process used. Contact HR/POD for more information


7.  Results remain strictly confidential to the appraisee and his/her coach

8.  There is no obligation for the appraisee to share results with their manager or anyone else

9.  There may however be an agreement to share objectives emerging from the development process

10.  Raters responses are confidential such that without their consent the rater's name is never associated with any data they provide

11. The 360-degree feedback is independent of, and not a replacement for, any other performance or development review or selection process

Applying for inclusion in the process

12. In the first instance contact the relevant HR manager who can co-ordinate the process with the People and Organisational Development (POD) manager to ensure alignment with other initiatives, use of relevant assessments, processes and the assignment of an appropriate coach



The following definitions apply to this policy:

Academic head covers heads of departments, schools and other teaching and research units at Level 3 in the University Organisation Structure

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis

360-degree feedback refers to a process to inform personal and professional development by providing confidential feedback on an individual’s behaviour patterns and/or capabilities as perceived by themself and others

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries


Document management and control

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Content manager: Associate Director, People and Organisational Development

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Date approved:  1 December 2014       

Review date: 1 March 2017