Creating new policy documents

Who decides on the need for a new policy document? 

The owner (who must be at level 2 or 2A of the University Organisational chart) identifies that there is a need for further mandatory direction in this area and a policy document or a set of policy documents may be the best available solution 

Do we really need a new policy document?

As no two mandatory documents can repeat the same information, it is important to check that this document does not repeat, contradict, or overlap in content area with any existing policy documents 

Is this really the best way to put out the information that’s required?

Many areas of the University already have their own web pages for disseminating key information and direction – is it really necessary to create a new Policy Hub item for this information? 

How does the document development process happen? 

  • The policy owner appoints a content manager to oversee the development process working in conjunction with the policy office
  • It is very important to distinguish between ‘what’ must be done (policy) ‘how’ it must be done (procedures or standards) and suggested help in this matter (guidelines)
  • The owner and content manager for the new document(s) drafts the new content to align with existing the Policy Framework Policy and Policy Framework Procedures
  • Relevant templates for policies, procedures, standards and guidelines are available  
  • If drafting support is needed the policy office can offer advise/ help with this process and ensure that the proposed content is properly formatted and organized to fit with the existing Policy Framework Policy (PFP)
  • The policy office can also advise if there is any cross-over with existing documents
  • The content manager may then need to send the proposed draft document to other relevant stakeholders for input
  • They will review the document and send comments back to the content manager/ owner
  • Using their feedback the content manager will amend the draft for the owner to review
  • At that stage the document is usually submitted to the policy office again to check compliance with the PFP (this avoids submission of non-compliant documents to approvers including V-C and Council)
  • When changes are complete the owner conducts their final review 

What sort of consultation is required? 

New policy documents may need wide consultation, this can be done at the owner's discretion through the 'Documents for Consultation' page on the Policy Hub

  • Policy documents under consultation can be posted on behalf of owners for an appropriate length of time (usually 2 - 4 weeks) by agreement with the owner
  • A synopsis of the purpose of the document(s) can be attached for readers to review
  • To support feedback - contact details and a date for the closure of the review period must be provided
  • Receipt of feedback should be acknowledged by the content manager 

How is the feedback included? 

After the agreed period the document will be removed from the review site and the owner will consider any changes that may be made as a result of feedback

The content manager will apply any changes resulting from the consultation process 

Does the document now require committee (or other) endorsement prior to approval? 

If so:

The owner is responsible for putting the document through the appropriate endorsement process 

If not:

The owner sends the document to the approver. A synopsis of the need for the new policy document is needed with all submissions to VC / Council 

When is the revised document published? 

On approval, the document is sent by the owner to the policy office

How do people find out about the new policy document?

The new document will be uploaded to the Policy Hub  

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate notification and publicity is given to ensure that people who may be impacted are aware of the new policy documentation 


Creating new policy docs flowchart