Concurrent Teaching Policy


All staff members and students of the University


To outline the requirements for faculties to ensure a clear difference is maintained between the different levels of courses taught concurrently


The purpose of concurrent teaching is to:

  • offer students a wider range of courses than might otherwise be possible
  • maintain the viability of specialist areas that may attract limited numbers of enrolments
  • maximise teaching efficiency where students require specific content in order to advance their study

Concurrent teaching permits the rotation of courses across a cycle of years, allowing staff members to teach in different areas of their expertise and students to access different course content, perspectives and methodologies



1.    Concurrent teaching is to be carried out within a qualification

2.    Concurrent teaching must not occur within courses at 100 level

3.    Undergraduate and postgraduate courses must not be taught concurrently together.  Exceptions to this are where:

  • professional postgraduate qualifications offer graduate entry to students who require content-specific tuition
  • a postgraduate programme would otherwise not be viable

4.    In the case of concurrent teaching of students enrolled at undergraduate and postgraduate level, there must be a significant component of teaching at an advanced level for the postgraduate students

Note - What constitutes a significant component will be at the discretion of the Academic Programmes Committee

5.    Where an undergraduate student is approved for entry into postgraduate courses (600 or 700 level) and these courses are to be credited to their undergraduate qualification, the courses must be taught at postgraduate level

6.    If the course includes seminars, tutorials or laboratories, these must be distinct for students enrolled at different levels. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Academic Programmes Committee 


7.    Courses taught concurrently must be restricted against each other so that a student can only enrol in one

8.    A student must enrol in the course at the level appropriate to their experience in the subject and the requirements of their qualification 


9.    Students must meet the prerequisite set for the level at which they enrol in the course 


10.    The courses must be assessed separately, with different assignments and examinations set for each level using methods and standards appropriate to the level of enrolment

11.    If 300-level or postgraduate students are asked to submit additional coursework it must be set at a more advanced level

12.    The nature of coursework and the weighting given to coursework and examinations must be clearly established for each level when the faculty approves coursework and assessment arrangements for the following year

13.    Students must pass at the level at which they enrolled to be credited with the course 

Course approval

14.    When concurrent teaching is proposed for a new course, this must be clearly indicated in the proposal approved by the faculty or by the Academic Programmes Committee

15.    Proposals must demonstrate their conformity with this policy

16.    Faculties may approve amendments to existing courses to provide for concurrent teaching but they must ensure conformity with this policy and inform all the appropriate administrative units of the change 


17.    Faculties must submit a three-yearly report to the Academic Programmes Committee about concurrent teaching, noting any student feedback on this practice


The following definitions apply to this document: 

Concurrent teaching occurs when students who are enrolled for courses at different levels within qualifications attend some or all of the same classes. This is different from the situation where students enrol in a course at a higher level than might be expected and attend classes with more advanced students

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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