Policy Statement: Teaching Delivery, Coursework, Tests and Examinations under COVID-19 Alert Levels in Semester One and Quarters One and Two, 2021


Version: 26 February 2021 

This information, and any updates, will be available on the Policy Hub and Remote Learning websites. Staff members should ensure that they are viewing the most recent version. 

* Update 26 February: A correction was made to previous s. 14, bullet point 3 where it incorrectly stated ‘that at level 1 examinations will be conducted under invigilated conditions’.  The PDF version at the link below is the corrected and most current version.



To provide information for staff and students on teaching delivery, coursework, tests and examination arrangements in Semester One and Quarters One and Two, 2021. 

The provisions in this policy statement operate together with the University’s Policy and Procedures for Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) and the University’s Examination Regulations. Provisions of the Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) Policy or Procedures that are waived at particular Alert Levels are noted below. 

This policy statement takes effect from 26 February 2021 and applies to all staff and students of the University of Auckland.