Doctoral Candidates - Transfer Procedures


  • Doctoral candidates who wish to transfer their doctoral enrolment from another university to the University of Auckland



To specify the procedures that must be followed by candidates transferring to the University. It is supported by Doctoral Candidates – Transfer Guidelines.



1.  In order to transfer enrolment to the University, candidates currently registered in a doctoral programme at another university must:

  • apply and receive a conditional offer from the University of Auckland
  • withdraw from registration at the other university
  • complete a statutory declaration concerning the nature and extent of the research done and detail any supervision received at the other university

2.  Be registered at the University of Auckland for a minimum of two years full-time (four years part-time).

3.  All transferring candidates will be registered provisionally and undergo the usual provisional year review. This includes meeting all of the University’s standard provisional year goals.



The following definitions apply to this document:

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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