Doctoral Candidates - Resources and Support Guidelines


Doctoral candidates who are based on-campus


To outline the resources which the University aims to make available to on-campus doctoral candidates for a period of up to 4 years


The University enrols doctoral candidates on the basis that adequate research resources and facilities can be provided to ensure that candidates can complete their studies within the expected time frame


  • PReSS accounts
  • Library
  • Departmental support
  • Monitoring


PReSS accounts



  • The University Library supports doctoral students with a full range of library services including:
    • access to Library resources on the same basis as academic staff
    • a subject-specific service providing individual consultations with a Subject Librarian who will advise on research resources and all Library-related matters
    • access to other non-University collections via the inter-library loan and document delivery service


Departmental support

  • The department in which candidates are registered is charged with providing the appropriate resources and facilities for the particular student and their project
  • These include:
    • access to an appropriately equipped working space/desk, including a computer loaded with appropriate software for their research and access to IT support. Wherever possible these should be personally allocated, at least to full-time, in-time students
    • access to e-mail and appropriate internet communications
    • access to a printer
    • an allowance towards copying. Students should be informed of extra charges or any change in rate of charges made by the department, institute, faculty or University prior to the change being made
    • access to a telephone
    • a mail box/pigeon hole specifically for graduate students
    • after-hours access to the workspace and related facilities, consistent with the Access to University Facilities Policy
    • access to communal meeting space, including tea and coffee making facilities
  • and, in the case of laboratory and experimental subjects:
    • adequate bench space
    • routine/basic consumables needed for the research
    • technical support and supervision for the use and maintenance of instrumentation
  • and, in the case of creative practice subjects:
    • access to adequate studio space needed for the research



  • The availability and quality of facilities and resources for doctoral students is monitored on an ongoing basis in the doctoral exit survey to ensure that appropriate resources are provided


The following definitions apply to this document:

Department refers to the academic unit in which the candidate is registered. This information is recorded on the candidate’s registration summary next to department/school. Academic units include faculties, schools, departments and institutes

Doctoral candidate refers to a student enrolled in a doctoral degree at the University

Doctoral exit survey is the survey doctoral candidates are asked to complete at the time of first submission of their thesis to the Graduate Centre

Expected time frame refers to the expected three-year period in which a full-time candidate will normally submit their doctoral thesis. The time is pro-rated for part-time candidates i.e. is six years. The maximum timeframe for PhD thesis submissions is four years full-time and eight years part-time

On-campus doctoral candidates refers to candidates who are predominantly based at the University as opposed to those candidates who have been granted long-term or permanent off-campus registration

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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