Senate Elections (Lecturers’ Representatives at Large) Voting Statute 2013

Title and commencement

Pursuant to section 194 of the Education Act 1989 the Council of the University makes the following statute. This statute may be cited as the Senate Elections (Lecturers’ Representatives At-large) Voting Statute 2013. This statute comes into force on 1 June 2013 and the Senate Elections (Lecturers’ Representatives At-large) Voting Statue 2010 is repealed from that date.


This statute applies to all lecturers of the University.


The purpose of this statute is to govern the election of lecturers’ representatives at-large to the University Senate.


1. Six members of Senate will be elected by the lecturers in accordance with the provisions of this statute

2. In each election each lecturer:

  • will be eligible to nominate a candidate; and
  • to vote in the election

3. Each lecturers’ representative at-large (other than a Lecturers’ Representative At-large elected to fill a casual vacancy) will become a member of Senate for a term of three years beginning on the 1st day of February next following their election

4. An election, other than an election to fill a casual vacancy, will  be scheduled so that the names of the Lecturers’ Representatives At-large for the subsequent year can be announced at the August meeting of the senate

5. Whenever an election is to be held, the Returning Officer  will call for nominations of candidates to be lodged with the Returning Officer on or before the date fixed in that notice, but being not less than twenty-one days from the date of the notice

6. Each notice must contain the following information:

  • Number of vacancies
  • Term of office
  • Election date
  • Method of voting
  • Availability of nomination forms
  • Criteria for eligibility of lecturers, nominators and candidates
  • Closing date and time for nominations
  • Any other relevant information the Returning Officer may provide from time to time

7. The call for nominations of candidates  will be made not less than thirty-five days before the date of the election, by an email notice addressed to each lecturer

8. A casual vacancy arises in the circumstances set out in of the Electronic Voting Statute 2010 A casual vacancy also arises where a lecturers’ representative:

  • ceases to be a lecturer; or
  • is appointed acting head of a department for a period of more than three months

9. The provisions of the Electronic Voting Statute 2010 will govern the conduct of the election except where a specific requirement of this statute applies


The following definitions apply to this statute:

Candidate means a lecturer who is nominated in accordance with the provisions of this statute

Council is the University's governing body which comprises lay, staff and student members

Criteria means the criteria set out in this statute which a candidate must satisfy in order that his/her nomination may be accepted

Election means an election conducted in accordance with the provisions of this statute

Lecturer includes all persons employed as an associate dean, associate professor, senior lecturer, lecturer, senior tutor, tutor, professional teaching fellow, senior research fellow or research fellow who have been continuously employed as such for a minimum of 12 months, but excluding adjunct staff, as at the date of any relevant election; a Lecturer is an Elector for the purposes of The University of Auckland Electronic Voting Statute

Lecturers’ Representative At-large means a member of the senate elected by the lecturers in accordance with the provisions of this statute

Notice means a notice of election issued by the Returning Officer for an election conducted under the provisions of this statute

Senate means the Senate of the University which includes all the professors, as well as representatives of sub-professorial staff and students

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

Document management and control

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Date approved:  June 2013

Amended: June 2017