Art Collection Acquisition and Commissions Policy


This policy applies to all members of the University.



To facilitate and provide a framework for the acquisition of University art whether by gift, commission or purchase.



The policy will recognise the collection's focus on works by New Zealand artists and New Zealand and International artists, in particular those who have specific links to the University.

Primary objectives of CAS’s management of the collection include:

  • To develop a major public art collection for the purpose of demonstrating the University’s continual commitment to the study, patronage and advancement of the visual arts

  • To foster general awareness and understanding of the visual arts in the University community and amongst members of the general public through education and other outreach activities

  • To enable research on the visual arts and support the teaching programmes of the University

  • To acquire works of art suitable for the purpose of enriching the public areas, either buildings or grounds, of the University


1.    The Vice-Chancellor, acting through the Centre for Art Studies (CAS), is to promulgate and publish policy appropriate to the acceptance, maintenance and enhancement of the works in the collection and its placement. 

2.    Nothing in this policy prevents the acceptance of a gift of art to become part of the collection where the Vice-Chancellor, acting on the advice of the Art Collection Committee resolves that it is otherwise appropriate to accept such a gift 

3.    In exercising his/her Council delegation in respect of gifts of art the Vice-Chancellor is first to seek the advice of the Art Collection Committee 

Acquisition by gift

4.    Gifts of works of art may be accepted by the Centre for Art Studies where the gift fits the focus of the Collection 

5.    The Vice-Chancellor has authority to set a financial limit at which his/her consents and approval is not required for gifts of art to be accepted

6.    CAS consent and approval is not required for gifts of art valued at less than $1000 to be accepted

7.    Such gifts are to be reported to CAS so these are recorded and stewarded as part of the collection

8.    Gifts with a value greater than $1000 must be reported to CAS so that they are recorded in the financial asset register, given an accession number and described in the Vernon Collection Management System 

Acquisition by commission or purchase 

9.    Acquisitions by commission or purchase of art for or by the University must not occur unless they are approved by the Chair of the Advisory Board of CAS acting on the advice of the Art Collection Committee

10.    The Chair of the Advisory Board of CAS must not approve the acquisition of any work of art until he/she has consulted with the Director of Property Services to ensure that the location, installation, security and maintenance requirement of the proposed acquisition can be addressed appropriately

11.    In such cases, the Chair of the Advisory Board of CAS is to provide a report acceptable to the Vice-Chancellor detailing the steps taken to manage such issues, and also recording the approval of the staff member’s dean

Note – this applies where the member is a staff member of a faculty, to the work being undertaken if this involves University resources or the staff member's working time

12.    General delegation from the Vice-Chancellor or any sub-delegation that permits purchase, commissioning or acquisition does not include art unless approved in writing by the Chair of the Advisory Board of CAS

Note - To avoid doubt, general financial delegations do not cover the purchase, commissioning or acquisition of art

13.    CAS will report to the Vice-Chancellor as and when required by the Vice-Chancellor



The following definitions apply to this document:

Art includes installations, sound and moving image

Art Collection Committee is a sub-committee of the Advisory Board of CAS

CAS means the Centre for Art Studies

Collection refers to the University of Auckland Art Collection

Council is the University's governing body which comprises lay, staff and student members

Gift means a gift as defined in the University of Auckland Charitable Gift and Sponsorship Acceptance and Approval Policy (add link) and, for the purposes of this policy only, includes the lending of any art to the University

Member refers to a member of the University and includes members of Council, members of Council committees and other University committees, students, staff members, University committee appointees and where the context permits, graduates of the University

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

Document management and control

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Date approved: September 2016

Review Date: September 2019