Smokefree Policy


This policy applies to all University members and visitors.


To provide a smoke-free environment across all University campuses and facilities.


  1. No-one is to smoke on any campus or when in or on any facility or vehicle of the University unless smoking is carried out for experimental or research purposes under conditions and terms laid down by the University's Human Participants' Ethics Committee.
  2. Visitors are subject to all reasonably practicable steps by the University to ensure no-one smokes in a workplace. Such steps may include a request for them to not smoke or to exclude them from any workplace.
  3. Members are expected to ensure, where this is reasonably within their control, that visitors and contractors are aware of, and comply with this policy.
  4. Where reasonably possible contracts or access provisions, will include an undertaking to comply with this policy whilst on campus or in University facilities.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Campus includes all land or interests in land owned, occupied or used by the University and leased or licensed land or buildings.

Contracts in this context extends to grants of lease, licences or occupation rights.

Facilities includes all physical locations, buildings and vehicles administered by the University.

Members means members of the University and includes members of Council, Council committees and other committees, students, staff members, committee appointees and the University’s companies’ staff and board members.

Smoke and Smoking have the meaning set out in s2 of the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

Visitor means any person who is not a member but who is on or in a University campus or facility.

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