Tāmaki Intercampus Bus Service Policy


This policy applies to all University staff and students using and working on the Tāmaki intercampus bus services.


This document clarifies the eligibility requirements and rules for staff and students using this service.


1.    The purpose of the service is:

  • for Tāmaki staff to travel to the City Campus for University business and
  • for City based staff to travel to the Tāmaki Innovation Campus (Tāmaki) for University business only

For clarity, the staff minibus is not a “park-and-ride” service for staff based on the City Campus and must not be used as a substitute for public or private transportation to or from work.

Eligible staff must comply with the order of priority:

  • staff travelling to teach
  • staff travelling on other University business

2.    Post graduate students are eligible to use the service during semester breaks only.

3.    Members of the staff of onsite partners are not eligible to use this service.

4.    Access to the service is by presentation of your Staff ID card to the driver. It is the responsibility of staff to have their ID cards with them in order to use the service.

5.    During the teaching periods two minibuses run in opposite directions to provide a half hourly service. During breaks only one minibus runs and provides an hourly service.

The service operates Monday - Friday (except on public and University holidays).

The timetable of services and departure points may be found at:

Student bus service

6.    The student bus service is provided for students enrolled in courses or undertaking postgraduate study at Tāmaki.

7.    Eligible students will have their use of the service validated by the application of a uniquely numbered sticker to their ID card.

  • The issue of stickers will take place in the third week of Semester, once enrolments have settled
  • Students will receive their sticker by presenting their current ID card at Campus Information, Building 730
  • Prior to the issue of the sticker all students attending lectures at Tāmaki will be allowed to utilise the service in good faith but will still need to present their ID cards to the driver during this period
  • Once stickers have been issued only students presenting validated ID cards will be permitted to travel
  • Notices will be posted in the buses, during the first two weeks of service, advising students of the process and timetable for the collection of bus travel stickers
  • Students must carry their ID cards at all times

8.    Students may use the service only during those semesters in which they are enrolled for courses at Tāmaki.

9.    Students who are not enrolled for courses at Tāmaki, but who are required to travel to Tāmaki for other academic purposes, may apply to use the service.

  • To obtain the necessary approval the student or cohort is required to have their lecturer or supervisor provide an email advice to bus@auckland.ac.nz detailing the student’s or cohort’s name/s, ID number/s and the reason they need to use the service
  • All applications will be reviewed and approval granted only where the intended use is justified
  • A validating sticker or letter authorising the specific period of travel will be issued, via Campus Information, for those students granted such approval 


The following definitions apply to this policy:

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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