Engaging with others

Becoming a sustainable organisation is more than implementing operational changes. It's about connecting with others, and working towards a more sustainable culture.


Tamaki Planting group
Staff at Tamaki Campus celebrating a successful planting day

Communicating with our stakeholders has been critical to the success of our initiative.

Staff, in particular, play an important part since they have a more consistent presence all year around, working in our offices, labs and on our grounds.

To that end, the effectiveness of our communications can be implied from our bi-annual staff survey which includes the statement "The University is an environmentally responsible organisation," where survey respondents are asked the level to which they agree or disagree with the statement.

The number of staff who have agreed with the statement has been increasing in the surveys from 41% in 2007, to 63% in 2013, with the results for the 2015 staff survey still pending.

This has been no doubt helped by the various initiatives we have rolled out, including our office recycling programme, and the use of compost bins in some offices.


audit students
Students helping out with a waste audit in the City Campus quad

Students also contribute to our move towards becoming a sustainable organisation.

We engage students through a network called Help Green our Uni, set up in 2011. 

The network offers sustainability-minded students opportunities to help minimise the University's environmental footprint.

To date, we've signed up over 2,500 members and have 200 active volunteers who help with waste audits, energy audits, tree planting days and sustainability events. 

Find out more by visiting the Help Green our Uni facebook page.