Tamaki Plant a Tree Day

25 May 2008

Tamaki Campus held its first official Plant a Tree Day on May 22. Armed with spades and gumboots, about 30 staff spent their lunchtime beautifying an area adjacent to the Ray Meyer Research Centre with a dozen native Nikau Palms.

The activity was one of the regular social, cultural and sporting events held at Tamaki as part of a campus life programme to give the staff and departments based there opportunities to interact with each other. Organiser Suzanne Mitchell from the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Tamaki) said planting trees and contributing to the environment was a fantastic alternative to the regular ‘drinks and nibbles’ events.

"The Tamaki Campus is a very large area and while we have an excellent gardening programme, this was a great way to bring people together socially while improving the environment that we all work in," Suzanne says.

"Everyone who got involved was so enthusiastic. With 30 people planting 12 trees the work was over in no time and we were able to spend the rest of our lunchtime having a picnic in the sun."

Suzanne says the day was a success only because of the people who came on board to give support. The Office of the PVC donated the trees, and the grounds staff from Property Services provided fertiliser and soil, and expert advice on where and how to plant.

"We've had some extremely positive feedback about this event and hope to hold another one in the near future," Suzanne says.