Internal networks and initiatives

Find out about and connect with staff and students working together to take action in our faculties and service divisions


Campus Life Initiatives

Campus Life's Event Services team have their own Sustainability Group, chaired by Brendan Theodore. The group focuses on inspiring sustainability consciousness within the Events team and promoting sustainable operations at conferences and other events. 

Current projects include:

  • Internal monthly newsletters with tips and ideas for sustainable suppliers
  • Developing a sustainability checklist for event managers
  • Volunteering on Motuihe island and planting over 250 trees
  • Working with the Sustainability and Environment team to introduce compost bins at events

Accommodation Services run an annual 'Green Your Room' challenge for students living in residential halls. The voluntary initiative had 43 percent participation this year compared with 25 percent last year.  

Science faculty network

Faculty of Science Sustainability Network

The Faculty of Science Sustainability Network was established in 2015 and comprises staff from across the faculty who are working on projects to forward the university’s commitment to both environmental sustainability and positive, equitable human relationships. It is a non-hierarchical structure in which projects are generated by members. It crosses disciplinary boundaries, brings professional and academic staff together, and provides opportunities for staff at all appointment levels to lead innovative practice. The network currently has 75 members; of those, 28 are part of a core working group. It is coordinated by Niki Harré who was appointed as Associate Dean Sustainability in March 2015. The network aims to inspire a “sustainability culture” that will be evident throughout faculty practices and to our stakeholders.

Current projects include:

  • Sustainable laboratories: The members of this group are lab managers who are focusing on recycling and the eco-friendly disposal of lab waste
  • Sustainable purchasing: This group has investigated the most sustainable options offered by preferred suppliers as well as plastic reduction and recycling
  • Compost bins: Based on a Psychology model, this group has introduced compost bins to SBS and Environment tearooms
  • Teaching case-study: This group is developing a case-study that will be taught across courses in Environment, Psychology and Chemistry in semester two 2016.
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Operational Advisory Groups

In some areas where staff responsibilities align closely with sustainability commitments, advisory groups have been established to bring together, support and enhance the contributions they make to operations. Examples are the Energy Advisory Group, whose members are from Property Services, ITS and Procurement. Another is the Waste and Cleaning Advisory Group, made up of facilities staff, but currently extending to include others. The groups meet monthly to discuss operational and management challenges, and identify and action opportunities for improvement. To get in touch with either of these groups, contact energy manager Russell Baillie or customer services manager Karena Coetzer.


Faculty of Arts Sustainability Group

This group aims to increase contribution within the Faculty of Arts towards attaining the sustainability objectives in the University's Strategic Plan. Currently led by Facilities and Services Team Leader Linda Guiñares, the group collaborates on sustainability initiatives, and engages and informs Faculty of Arts members about sustainability 'best practices'.  

Current projects include: 

  • Creating an online sustainability toolkit with tips on saving energy, reducing waste, and repurposing furniture and other items which have become obsolete
  • Running an Orientation week stall to educate new Arts students about sustainability and recycling on campus
  • Organising a workshop with one of the University's preferred suppliers about their sustainable products
  • Winter tree planting trips on Motutapu Island
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Help Green our Uni

Help Green our Uni is for students interested in reducing the University’s environmental footprint. Members get involved in hands-on projects that contribute towards reducing energy, water and waste generated on campus. For more information, contact engagement coordinator Charlotte Blythe.

Current projects include: 

  • Delivering the university’s recycling programme to faculties
  • Managing and auditing waste at small scale and large scale events
  • Labelling outdoor bins around the City Campus
  • Organising winter tree planting trips to help off-set carbon emissions
Chris Morrison

Business School Sustainability Programme

The Business School Sustainability Programme aims to engage and inspire students about the role of business in society, providing opportunities for them to hear from and talk to business, community and political leaders. The programme also aspires to play a convening role, bringing together business leaders, researchers, policy-makers and civil society to find ways to solve the complex challenges ahead. For further information, contact programme leader Barry Coates

Projects include: 

  • Holding a Research Symposium to showcase sustainability research in the faculty
  • Running the inaugural Business School Sustainability Week in April
  • Ensuring a foundation of sustainability teaching in all core courses, and pathways for students to pursue sustainability topics in the majors