Issue 6: 11 April 2008

The Roll of Honour published in the Auckland University College Calendar, 1917

Retrospective 1883 - 2008

"The War", Craccum, 27 September, 1939

It has come at last, and we are at war. For so long we have expected it that we are not really very surprised. There was really no other way out; and now that things are happening in earnest and the reign of chaos has come on the world again, we are only just beginning to realise that we all are in, whether we like it or not. It is sufficiently obvious that, sooner or later, conscription will come. Until it does it is the duty of every citizen and every student to proceed with his routine work as far as is possible. The best service we can render our country for the present is to go ahead and pass our exams.

And when the time for action does come it is with a spirit very different from that of 1914 that we shall act. We have only one thing in common with the feelings our fathers had in those days, and that is a conviction that our cause is the cause of Truth and Equity and that if we forbear to take up arms, then Justice must disappear from the earth.

"A War Ends", Craccum, 8 June 1945

Although the European war ended a month ago, it would be ridiculous to claim that peace has followed. Most of the battlefronts are quiet, but the tiring work of restoration and education has to be carried out before there is international unity. But - the European war is over. It is time, then, for students to test their mental strength: there can be no return to the old ways. It is time to replace the spirit of nationalism by the spirit of internationalism, because "everyone is responsible to all men for all men and for everything," and many "harmless" men have caused catastrophies through their apathy. Now in the moments after a war ends, students must give the lead in shunning careless ways; and, where international unity is the aim, they must be ruthless idealists.