Issue 11: 20 June 2008

Cartoon, entitled 'Through the Smoke Screen', Auckland Star, 12 July 1935, reproduced in Fay Hercock, A Democratic Minority - A Centennial History of the Auckland University Students' Association, Auckland, 1994, p. 40

‘Regulations for Conduct of Students’, Minutes of the Professorial Board, 11 September 1933

Retrospective 1883 - 2008

Regulations for Conduct of Students

1. Reasonable silence must be maintained in the entrance hall, in the corridors, and in the vicinity of lecture rooms.

2. Students are expected to refrain from singing, whistling, shouting and running in corridors.

3. Lectures shall begin at not later than eight minutes past the hour and shall terminate at the end of the hour.

4. Smoking by students is forbidden in all parts of the College buildings except the Men’s Common Room. Smoking by women students is not allowed anywhere within the College precincts.
Note: This rule shall not be insisted on at social functions held in the College Hall, but smoking in the Hall itself is not allowed.

5. Students using cars and motor-cycles must make as little noise as possible in the vicinity of the College; they must use the paths and roadways on the northern side of the grounds and must refrain from starting cars and cycles in the vicinity of lecture rooms. They must not ride cycles on either of the side paths leading from Princes Street. Cars must not be parked in such a manner as to block egress of other cars.