Issue 20: 24 October 2008

Four of the University staff of gatemen in 1971.

The car-parking problem in Auckland does not so far extend to University staff, who can always find space in one of the University car-parks. If many of these have been left in rather a rough state, most people probably realise that this is because they are not intended to be permanent. The University must take account of the future plans of the Ministry of Works; eventually it is hoped that terraced car-parks will be built alongside the finished motorway.

Car parks will come and go as new buildings are erected on empty sites. It is hoped that there will always be enough space for everyone who wishes to park his car, but if things get too difficult a system of priority, or of paying for a space, may have to be considered.

Five full-time gatemen are employed to supervise the car-parks from 7.30 am to 4 pm, and five part-time men do the same job from 4 pm to 6 pm. The gate on the main campus is manned until 8 pm.

Mr Robin St Clair, who has been with the University for 5 years, half of that time as a gateman, was formerly a musician. Brothers Mr Herbert Michael and Mr Cecil Michael have both been employees of the Auckland City Council. Mr Richard Harrison was a representative for overseas agencies before he came to the University, and Mr Andy Nicholson was a farmer.

The staff who drive in each day to find parking spaces waiting do not realise how essential the gatemen’s services really are. The crowds of city workers always looking for spaces would soon invade the car-parks if it were not for the vigilance of the gatemen, who deserve our thanks.

Extracts from ‘Campus Parking’, University of Auckland News, 5, July 1971