Issue 10: 6 June 2008

The University's new IBM 4341 computer is delivered to the Computer Centre in 1981. The IBM would take over the research computing load from the Burroughs 6700. (Reprinted from University of Auckland News, Vol 11, No. 8, October 1981).

Retrospective 1883 - 2008

Extracts from "New and Powerful Computer for the University", University of Auckland News, 7, September 1971, pp. 18-19

The Minister of Education, Mr Talboys, announced on September 1 that orders had been placed with the Burroughs Business Machines Corporation for five large-scale, modern computer systems to be installed in the universities at Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

This long overdue development will bring to the Auckland campus a highly-sophisticated, modern computer system, adequate for the teaching, research and administrative functions of the University. To give some indication of the performance which may be expected from the B6700: Main Memory 80,000 words (51 bit); Processing Unit 5 - 10 MHz; Card reader - 1,000 cards/min; Printer 800 lines/min.

Extracts from "The University’s New Computer", University of Auckland News, 2, 8, 1972

Because the new Computer Centre Building at Auckland University will not be completed until the end of next year, a temporary computer room has been prepared. Some 68 kilowatts of power are used when the machine is in operation and most of this power consumption ultimately appears in the form of heat generated. When the equipment is moved to the new Computer Centre Building the heat output will be put to good use; it will supply heating for the offices and workrooms in the remainder of the building.

The level of computer services available to users through the B6700 will be very much better than has been possible until now. Our present computer is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and some users are booking the machine several weeks ahead to have programmes run. All of this work should be handled on the new computer in about two hours each day, so that most users will be able to collect their completed programmes only one or two hours after handing them in.