Issue 8: 9 May 2008

A new pedestrian crossing appears on Symonds Street in Capping Week 1969. Reproduced in Judith Bassett's Prospero's Island - A History of the School of Engineering at the University of Auckland, Auckland, 2003, p.114.

Retrospective 1883 - 2008

Extracts from the ‘Stunts Report’, Proceedings (University of Auckland Engineering Society), VXXIII, 1970, pp.25-26.

Symonds Street - capping week stunt 1969 This year there was a large variety of stunts performed. The Royal Tour presented a golden opportunity early in the year when about 30,000 leaflets advertising a Royal Garden Party in Albert Park were distributed. This was only partially successful, only a couple of hundred people turned up, due to the rather fast reaction of the news services. More account will have to be taken of this in the future. A brave band of madmen made a fun-loving gesture to the Royal Family (and tried to enrol them into the Society). Unfortunately, it was misinterpreted by the police and others.

It was also unfortunate that [the] Haka Party met so much trouble this year, and so next year the numbers will have to be kept down so that the party can be better controlled.

Capping Week produced some pretty good stunts, with an elephant appearing in the Miss Capping Parade, a large bottle opener on the Smirnov Sculpture in Newmarket, and one brilliant affair that ended in panicking authorities in Hillsborough. Some of the gear used for this stunt is still available for a repeat performance next year as the potential of this stunt has not been fully exploited. Another pedestrian crossing appeared this year and there is some suggestion that this be made an annual event.

This year’s float entered in Procesh, the "Leaper and Grinder" won second prize. This was a magnificent effort and those who were involved deserve congratulations.

All in all we had quite a successful year and pissed a lot of people off. But the climate around Auckland is changing, people are becoming less tolerant (some have lost all sense of humour) and so very great care is going to have to be taken to increase security and make sure that no-one ever gets caught.