Alumni living in Melbourne and Victoria are invited to connect with our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator in Melbourne, Alice Wang.

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VAC profile: Alice Wang (Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law (Hons)

Alice is a Law and Arts alumna living in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating, she spent two years in the United Kingdom before deciding that she wanted to be closer to home.

“Melbourne seemed like the perfect fit,” says Alice. “It’s an incredibly vibrant and diverse city, and I was lucky to also have a job lined up there.”

That job was with Boston Consulting Group, where she now works as a Management Consultant.

“I ended up in management consulting by accident,” Alice reflects. “I interviewed with BCG in my penultimate year of university for their ANZ scholarship and had a surprisingly fun time going through the interview process. I found it thrilling solving interesting and challenging problems.”

Alice thinks that management consulting is a great career option for students and professionals who want to try something different and are eager to roll their sleeves up. She loves the diversity of the work as well as getting to collaborate with inspiring individuals.

Outside of the workplace, Alice is passionate about education. She has upcoming plans to travel to China to facilitate a leadership workshop for young people. “I’m very excited to be working with this year’s cohort of students,” Alice says.

She is keen to hear from alumni based in Melbourne. 


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