Our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator in Perth is Jennifer Bramwell.

VAC profile: Jennifer Bramwell (Master of Science)

Jennifer graduated from the University of Auckland with a conjoint Bachelor of Science and Commerce, an honours degree in Mathematics, and a masters in Statistics with first-class honours.

Jennifer worked as a Consultant Statistician for a small private consultancy in Perth for four years before joining a large global organisation as an Analytics Consultant in December 2016. She enjoys the dynamic nature of her role, where no two days are the same. The main focus of her job is to translate data into strategic insights for clients, a challenge that is both fascinating and rewarding.

Jennifer finds the positive influence analytics can have on society particularly satisfying. She has contributed towards baseline evaluating and demographic analysis for the actuarial valuation of Australia’s social security and income support system. She has also done many projects involving public interest assessments.

One of Jennifer’s passions is promoting the discipline of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). During her student days, she volunteered for numerous events such as “Girls into Science,” “Incredible Science” and “Meet a Scientist.” Nowadays, she is partnered with Penrhos College through the Mathematicians in Schools program where she hosts workshops for students.

When she’s not working, Jennifer enjoys craft activities such as knitting, crocheting, weaving, and scrapbooking. She is currently learning piano, and has a newfound appreciation for lifting heavy objects… for the sole purpose of putting them back down at the gym!

Jennifer would love to hear from alumni based in Perth. She is more than happy to talk to anyone interested in moving to the area or pursuing a career in STEM.