Our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator in Béziers, France, is Georgie Stone.

VAC profile: Georgie Stone (Graduate Diploma in Teaching - Secondary)

After graduating from the University of Auckland, Georgie moved to London to pursue a career in science teaching. She worked as the Head of Science at a children’s hospital school, where she worked with physically and mentally ill children.

One of Georgie’s greatest achievements was establishing an outdoor education programme at the school. Every Friday, she took the children to a local city farm to look after the gardens, work with the animals and learn about where food came from.

“To watch how proud they were of themselves as they harvested, cooked and ate the veggies and fruit that we had grown was so cool,” she says.

Georgie recently relocated to Béziers, in southern France, where her partner is based for a professional rugby contract. She now teaches English – something she hadn’t planned on doing while growing up.

“Putting my career on hold for a few years seemed to be worth it to go and live in a new country and learn a new language and culture,” says Georgie.She loves how close Béziers is to the Mediterranean coast.

“Although the beaches don’t compare to home, the lifestyle and length of summer here is incredible,” she reveals.

“A perfect weekend would be to go to one of my favourite swimming spots with my dog, boyfriend and friends, and share a picnic with all of the delicious French treats!”

Georgie is keen to hear from alumni living in France.

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