Our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator in London is Kanaway Yusingco.

VAC profile: Kanaway Yusingco (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Bachelor of Arts)

Kanaway came to the University to study a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Psychology and Employment Relations and Organisation Studies.

After completing her degree in 2001, she went on to study Organisational Change and Innovation at the Honours level.

The professors are one of her favourite memories from her student days. “They really did teach me so much,” Kanaway reflects. “They also took the time to take an interest in my individual development.”

Kanaway now lives in London, where she recently established her own start-up called Uniquely Wired. Her company helps clients to identify what makes them unique and how they can stand out from their competitors. It works alongside them to develop and implement a go-to market strategy and build sustainable growth.  

As Founder and Managing Partner, Kanaway is focused on growing the consulting and recruitment sides of the business. She is also involved in a social enterprise initiative to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds to secure work.

“To be honest, I could not have predicted the journey and can't wait to see it all continue to unfold,” she says. “It has been an adventure, and both the Kiwi can-do attitude and the lessons I was taught at the University have been great foundations.”

Kanaway encourages new graduates to be open-minded about their career plans. “I think it is best to simply be flexible, trust your judgement and have fun along the way!”

She would love to hear from alumni based in London.

Contact Kanaway

Email: Kanaway Yusingco

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