Los Angeles

Our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator in Los Angeles is Matthew Cooper.

VAC profile: Matthew Cooper (Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts)

Matt graduated from the University in 1995. Inspired by his lecturers Klaus Bosselmann and Ken Palmer, he originally began working in resource management and environmental law. This led to a position as a location administrator and production legal consultant on The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which Matt describes as a life-changing experience.

“After being introduced to the world of film production, I decided to come to California and pursue a career in the entertainment business,” he recalls.

“I met some great Americans on the production, so it wasn’t a huge leap to pack up my bags and jump on a plane headed for the City of Angels!”

Nowadays, Matt runs his own boutique law firm focusing on the business and legal affairs requirements of the entertainment industry. His firm offers a wide range of legal services related to the development, production, delivery and distribution of entertainment properties. His clients include studios, mini-majors, production companies, producers, filmmakers, writers and actors.

“This is definitely not what I expected to be doing,” says Matt. “It just goes to show that it’s important to take some risks in life, as you never know what doors are going to open when you take a leap of faith.”

Outside of work, Matt enjoys exploring the world beyond the USA. He once went on a 2,400-kilometre trip through Morocco via land rover, where he remembers being fascinated by the natural beauty of the Atlas Mountain Range and Sahara Desert.

“The contrast between the vastness of the desert and the millions of stars which appeared in the night sky as the sun set is a memory I will always carry."

Matt is interested in hearing from alumni based in California.