Get involved - Volunteer Impact Week

Join an existing University volunteer opportunity or organise your own.

Volunteer for an existing project

There are loads of volunteering projects that need your help; at the University, in the wider community and overseas.   

Organise your own volunteering project

If there's a particular cause you feel passionate about that isn't covered by an existing volunteering project, set up your own!

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Hold a career insights workshop to share professional advice among alumni/students
  • Coordinate with a local charity and gather items for a food drive
  • Gather a group of alumni to clean up a local park or beach
  • Organise a bike ride or plogging event (picking up litter and jogging – yes, it’s a thing!)
  • Organise alumni to get together to plant native trees
  • Take part in wildlife surveys
  • Help restore a walking track

My advice on volunteering is simple - just do it! Don’t over think it... just put your hand up and volunteer.  

Erna Takazawa

Partner organisations

If you’d like a helping hand getting started, you might like to check out one of our awesome partner organisations:

  • VolunteeringNZ. Volunteering New Zealand provides volunteering resources and maintains a comprehensive listing of volunteering centres across the country.
  • VolunteeringAuckland. VolunteeringAuckland has individual and team opportunities available with over 200 non-profit organisations from Rodney to Franklin.  
  • UoA Volunteers. This is a club for current students that facilitates group volunteering activities in the central city. Opportunities range from one-off tree planting to monthly fundraising.  
  • HelpTank. This organisation allows people to volunteer their professional skills pro bono to community projects all over New Zealand.