Ingenio: Spring 2019

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Gilbert Wong looks at the forces shaping the future of food. How is the University’s research contributing to what’s likely to be on our plates in 2030?

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In March 2020, Professor Dawn Freshwater will take over from Professor Stuart McCutcheon as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland.

Read about her past and her vision

There’s no shortage of enthusiasts – students and teachers – keen to be involved in space research.

Meet those launching themselves into the final frontier

The School of Music revamped its programme this year aiming to turn out Auckland music graduates with different strings to their bows.

Find out why

Dr Matheson Russell, Dr Lara Greaves and Professor Benedikt Fischer give their opinions.

Taking issue

Powerful partnerships in the campaign For All Our Futures; art conservation; 7 tips to rethink your strategy; Dita De Boni on Silicon Valley ethics; and books.

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