Helping engineering students in need

4 September 2018

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and supporters, students whose financial hardship put their studies in jeopardy have been offered a helping hand. 

Ten University of Auckland scholars are the recipients of the Faculty of Engineering Student Support Award, a new financial hardship award worth up to $2,500. 

We received thank you letters from the award winners, who were overwhelmed with the good news.

One student said the scholarship was “a huge blessing”, because it lifted the financial burden off their shoulders, and they could put the money towards better housing and medical needs. 

“For about a year now I have had a raspy cough that will not go away. At times, it has kept me (and perhaps my flatmates) up all night. Every year I get sick multiple times – partly due to stress, and partly due to my unhealthy living environment.”

Another student said spending less time at work has already boosted their grades. 

“You have enabled me to put more time into my studies so that I can put my best foot forward, and can show the best version of myself to the University.

“I have already seen the difference having more hours available to put towards my degree can influence my grades, so having this pressure lifted will create an immense change over the rest of the semester.”

Another said they hoped to help someone in a similar situation in years come. 

“I hope that in the future, I can be in the position to give back and help another student get through their studies just as you have helped me.” 

Faculty of Engineering Development Manager Paul Cunningham said it was fantastic to be able to provide assistance to students who needed it most. 

 “It’s bittersweet, it’s sad that the need is so great that we had 133 applications, but great that the generosity of our donors is having such an immediate and tangible impact on students in real need. 
“We could have easily given out more awards. Hopefully, going forward, we can increase the size of the Engineering Student Support Fund and support even more students who are in true financial need, and whose abilities to complete their studies are in jeopardy because of the situation they find themselves in.” 

The award is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the faculty. It is designed to ensure a greater number of talented and deserving students experiencing financial hardship have the opportunity to fulfil their academic goals. Applications for the next round of awards open in semester one, 2019.