Arts Assignment Centre

The place to submit your Arts assignments, dissertation or thesis.

The Arts Assignment Centre is the place to:

  • Submit an assignment, thesis or dissertation
  • Collect marked assignments
  • Pick up coursebooks included in your fees


The Arts Assignment Centre is in the Arts Students' Centre, located in the Mona Building (Building 216), 16 Symonds Street.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm (except public and University holidays)

The Assignment Centre might be closed between 12.30-1.30pm for a lunch break.

Submitting your assignments

  • Submit into the wall-mounted dropboxes before your course's deadline
  • Deadlines are usually 4pm (unless otherwise specified)
  • Boxes are emptied on opening and at 4pm
  • Submissions after 4pm recorded as being submitted the next day
  • Submission times are electronically recorded. Lecturers and tutors have access to this information
  • Attach a completed coversheet. These must be generated on Canvas as they have a personalised QR-code. How do I generate a cover sheet on Canvas?
  • Staple your assignment. At reception we have an automated stapler. If you submit when we are closed you need to go to the library or the Kate Edger Information Commons. Don't use anything else to connect your pages, including origami or chewing gum!
  • All assignments, regardless of when they are submitted, go into the wall-mounted submission boxes.

Submitting your dissertation or thesis


Submit two softbound copies to the Arts Assignment Centre.

Masters thesis

Initial submission

  1. One softbound copy to the Arts Assignment Centre.*
  2. One digital copy in PDF format to

*Master of Creative Writing students need to submit two unbound or softbound hard copies.

Final submission to the Library**

  1. PDF version to Research Space.
  2. Hardbound copy to the Arts Assignment Centre.

Your final thesis submission must include a loose copy of the Research Space email confirmation and a Thesis Library Consent Form as part of the bound thesis. The Consent form comes first, then the other parts of your thesis. The declaration needs to show that this is the final version, not the examination copy.

**Excluding Research Portfolios, Master of Creative Writing projects and Master of Arts in Screen Production projects.

Late submissions and extensions

If you want an extension you'll need to contact your lecturer. We can't give out extensions or bend rules. We are also not able to change the time stamps made by the system.

Allow plenty of time to get here. Bad traffic, printer or travel problems, or realising you need to change something, still result in an assignment that's marked as late.

Collecting your assignments

You can collect either in class or on set days/times from the Arts Assignment Centre after teaching finishes. Ask your lecturer about assignment return dates.

Collecting from the Arts Assignment Centre

  • Bring your Student ID with you.
  • You can't pick up assignments for friends or family members.
  • You can't look at other people's assignments.
  • Assignments without an official cover sheet aren't kept behind the desk.
  • Uncollected assignments will be binned after the second week of the subsequent semester, including Summer School.

Picking up coursebooks

If your coursebook is included in your course fees, you can pick it up from us. You need to be enrolled in the course, show your Student ID and confirm receipt with your signature to get your book. You can't pick up course books for friends or family.

If the book is not included in your fees, you may be able to buy it from Ubiq in the Kate Edger Information Commons.