Mediation and Moderation in SEM

This course by Professor Gordon Cheung covers concepts behind moderation and moderated-mediation with hands-on analysis and examples using Mplus software.


AUCKLAND: Saturday 10 July 2021

Enrolments are not quite online yet, please watch this space.

Fee structure

Student: $NZ225

Other: $NZ450


Professor Gordon Cheung


This course assumes that participants have a basic understanding of structural equation modelling, but no previous experience with Mplus is required. Participants should have Mplus 7.3 or later installed on their laptops. If no full licence is available, you can instead use the Mplus demo version for many of the exercises.

Course outline

Moderation and moderated mediation studies are very important in studying organisational and psychological phenomena, and researchers have been continuously searching for the best statistical test for moderation effect. This one-day workshop provides:

  1. the basic concepts behind mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation.
  2. review on the advantages of testing moderation effects with latent variables over observed variables.
  3. Mplus syntax for testing various moderation and moderated mediation hypotheses.

Hands-on data analysis with examples will be provided.


Cheung GW, Cooper-Thomas HD, Lau RS, Wang LC (2021). Testing Moderation in Business and Psychological Studies with Latent Moderated Structural Equations. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1–25, doi:10.1007/s10869-020-09717-0.