Video Editing for Visual Messaging

This certified five day course suits both new and self-taught users of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Monday 18 – Friday 22 February 2019


Dr Keith Bailey, Taught Media Limited

Course Outline

This certified five day course suits both new and self-taught users of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The authorised Adobe training comprises a comprehensive tour of Premiere Pro used for video editing, covering ingest through to export, supplemented with some After Effects instruction for motion graphics (animated titles and infographics). Participants will produce a one-minute interview and action promotional piece aimed at delivery to social media channels (all media supplied).

The course is follow-the-leader computer-based training and any experience recording and editing video is helpful but not required. Computer literacy is however a pre-requisite. The training is not limited to learned software. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their experience and requirements to draw out best practice in planning, acquiring, and post-producing video content. Advice for shooting and editing interview footage will also be given.

Day One: Setup, Importing and Organising Footage

Participants will setup up Premiere Pro projects optimally prior to learning how to import, organise, preview and mark audio, video and still images. The training footage includes a mix of interview- and action-based shots some of which needs to be reviewed and assembled into a compelling story. Some sound correction — background noise and frequency removal — will be demonstrated using Adobe Audition. Advice for filming using mobile devices will be imparted along how to synchronise sound that is recorded on a separate device.

Day Two: Editing

Methods of editing clips to a sequence will be learned during this day with the aim to progress from a rough cut to “picture lock” incorporating cutaway material. Video effects will be examined enabling delegates to create split-screen and custom picture-in-picture shots. Editing in a future-proofed manner will be a core philosophy so changes to the edit will be protected and simple.

Day Three: Sound Mixing and Finishing

The piece is finished appropriately with sound effects, music and techniques for the sound-mixing thereof are demonstrated. Great sound makes great video. Colour correction using Premiere Pro will be conducted so participants feel comfortable removing colour tints and matching shots from different cameras/devices.

Mastering and exporting your project for web/social channels will be achieved both within Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. The Premiere Pro editing session concludes with an exercise in multi-camera editing allowed a five camera music video to be rough-edited in real time.

Day Four: Titling using After Effects

The following two days will be devoted to Adobe After Effects for the purposes of honing skills in 2D animation for the purposes of creating titling templates, motion graphics and infographics to be incorporated within your edit.

The After Effect interface will be introduced along with the concepts of layers, effects and keyframing animations. A thorough exploration text animators will be undertaken and a sample lower third title template constructed for use in the previous promotional piece. This will include publishing certain properties of the title to Premiere Pro so they remain editable and customisable within Premiere.

Day Five: Data-driven Infographics using After Effects

The second day of After Effects training will provide participants with experience in creating infographics including animated pie-charts based on external and changing data sources such as CSV and JSON files.

Course Text

The following texts are not required reading but would act as useful reference guides for future revision and development of video skills. Handout materials consisting of Starter Guides for Premiere Pro and After Effects will be provided to participants.


The following texts are available in hardcopy, ebook and web view versions. Please note that CC2019 versions are due for publishing soon.

Fridsma L & Gyncild B (2018). Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release). Adobe Press.

Jago M (2018). Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release). Adobe Press.


All participants will be eligible for Adobe PDF certificates of completion in both Premiere Pro and After Effects.