Technical reports

Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow
Balance of Care in an Ageing Society: Construction of the BCASO microsimulation model
ISBN 978-0-473-32630-2 (online)

Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Peter Davis, Martin von Randow, Sanat Pradhan
Primary Care in an Ageing Society: Developing the PCASO microsimulation model
ISBN 978-0-473-20468-6 (online)

Cindy Kiro, Martin von Randow, Andrew Sporle 
Trends in Wellbeing for Māori Families 1981–2006 

Chris Errington, Gerard Cotterell, Martin von Randow, Sue Milligan
A Guide to using data from the New Zealand Census: 1981–2006 
ISBN 978-0-478-31538-7 (online)

Gerard Cotterell, Martin von Randow, Mark Wheldon
Measuring Changes in Family and Whānau Wellbeing using Census Data, 1981–2006
ISBN 978-0-478-31537-0 (online)

Sue Milligan, Angela Fabian, Pat Coope, Chris Errington
Family Wellbeing Indicators from the 1981–2001 New Zealand Censuses 
ISBN 0-478-26982-X (soft cover)
ISBN 0-478-26983-8 (online)

Stephen McTaggart
Monitoring the Impact of Social Policy, 1980–2001: Report on significant policy events
ISBN 0-477-10012-0 (book)
ISBN 0-477-10013-9 (online)

Bridie Kent, Margaret Horsburgh, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis, Janet Pearson
Report 9: Nurses and their Work in Primary Healthcare
ISBN 0-478-29633-9 (book)
ISBN 0-478-29634-7 (online)

Antony Raymont, Martin von Randow, Daniel Patrick, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis
Report 8: A Description of the Activity of Selected Hospital Emergency Departments in New Zealand
ISBN 0-478-29636-3 (book)
ISBN 0-478-29637-1 (online)

Bridie Kent, Margaret Horsburgh, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis, Janet Pearson
Report 7: Pacific Patterns in Primary Healthcare: A comparison of Pacific and all patient visits to doctors
ISBN 0-478-29672-X (book)
ISBN 0-478-29673-8 (online)

Sue Crengle, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis, Janet Pearson
Report 6: A Comparison of Māori and Non-Māori Patient Visits to Doctors
ISBN 0-478-29690-8 (book)
ISBN 0-478-29691-6 (online)

Phil Hider, Roy Lay-Yee and Peter Davis
Report 5: The Work of Doctors in Accident and Medical Clinics
ISBN 0-478-29668-1 (book)
ISBN 0-478-2967-1 (online)

Phil Hider, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis
Report 4: A Comparison of Primary Healthcare Provided by Rural and Non-Rural General Practices
ISBN 0-478-25708-2 (book)
ISBN 0-478-25711-2 (online)

Sue Crengle, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis
Report 3: Māori Providers: Primary healthcare delivered by doctors and nurses
ISBN 0-478-28277-X (book)
ISBN 0-478-28280-X (online)

Peter Crampton, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis
Report 2: Primary Healthcare in Community-Governed Non-Profits: The work of doctors and nurses
ISBN 0-478-28234-6 (book)
ISBN 0-478-28235-4 (online)

Antony Raymont, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis, Alastair Scott
Report 1: Family Doctors: Methodology and description of the activity of private GPs
ISBN 0-478-28251-6 (book)
ISBN 0-478-28252-4 (online)

Peter Davis, Roy Lay-Yee, Robin Briant, Stephan Schug, Alastair Scott, Sandra Johnson, Wendy Bingley
Adverse Events in New Zealand Public Hospitals: Principal findings from a national survey
ISBN 0-478-26265-5 (book)
ISBN 0-478-26268-X (online)