Provision of Health Service and Community Care for the Elderly




Worldwide Universities Network


Roy Lay-Yee


The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Eliza Lai Yi Wong (Principal Investigator), Roger Chung, Janice Lau

The University of Auckland: Kathryn Peri, Gary Cheung, Margaret Dale

The University of Bergen: Bettina Husebø, Elisabeth Flo

The University of Sheffield: Praveen Thokala

The University of Western Australia: Christopher Etherton-Beer, Loretta Baldassar, Adele Millard

Alexandra Health System, Singapore: Sweet Fun Wong, Chek Hooi Wong


This project explores the intergenerational roles of different stakeholders, and equity, in health services and community care for older people. It examines these from the perspectives of service delivery, financing, and policy across health systems in different countries. A systematic literature review will be undertaken, along with cross-national comparative analysis. There are three main research questions:

  1. What is the intergenerational role in health service delivery and health financing;
  2. What are the issues relating to intergenerational equity; and
  3. What are the barriers and facilitators for intergenerational interaction that may contribute to sustainable health systems in an ageing population?