Life-Course Impact of Chronic Health Conditions: A family and whānau perspective




Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment


Barry Milne, Lisa Underwood, Lisa Perry, Ofa Dewes


University of Otago

University of Waikato

Te Pou Tiringa

University of Queensland


This COMPASS-led research comprises four projects.

  1. A team led by Associate Professor Barry Milne (COMPASS) will investigate the influence of chronic disease on the wider family and whānau at different life stages. We will have four focus areas: children, households, partners and carers, and elders.
  2. A team led by Dr Ofa Dewes (COMPASS) will undertake an in-depth qualitative study of Tokelauan families to assess the family, household and community strengths that allow people in those communities to thrive despite the challenges of living in families with chronic disease. The third and fourth studies will support the development of novel kaupapa Māori research methods that enable the investigation of both life-course and inter-generational impacts and interventions on hauora Māori.
  3. A team at Te Pou Tiringa (Taranaki) led by Dr Mihi Ratima will develop the framework for assessing the power of kaupapa Māori early life and whānau programme, to transform outcomes for whanau Māori throughout the life-course and across generations.
  4. A team at University of Waikato led by Professor Tahu Kukutai will develop a novel whakapapa-centred methodology and framework for conceptualising and doing intergenerational research.