Junior Arts

Junior Arts offers a series of engaging 50-minute workshops for Year 9 and 10 students that draw on content developed by leading University of Auckland academics.

Teacher with student.

Junior Arts workshops prioritise skillsets embedded within Faculty of Arts programmes, and will be delivered in your classes by postgraduate Arts students.

Battling for the throne of Egypt

Ancient Egypt has fascinated the gaming industry for decades and it has even more so in recent years with the increasing dominance of the multiplayer online genre. Our activities will enable students to gain insight on what game developers look for when researching on Ancient Egypt including aspects of Egyptian history and mythology. This fun workshop uses a physical format to simulate an online gaming scenario where the students can each assume the role of an Egyptian deity and take part in an epic battle arena game. Each student will receive a character sheet, and each character has unique abilities that can affect gameplay. Students must work together with their teammates in order to contend and reclaim the divine throne of Egypt so that the importance of digital etiquette and cooperation becomes apparent.

Skillset: Digital etiquette and cooperation
Affiliated subject: Ancient History

Hack to the future

Set in 2020, when life has been discovered on Mars, this activity will be based around an election in New Zealand. In this scenario, the New Zealand voting system has been hacked by citizens of Mars. In groups, students will have to use clues to ascertain if they are black hat hackers, grey hat hackers or white hat hackers. They will also use the clues provided to ascertain why their group has hacked the New Zealand elections and which type of hackers they are representing. Using prompt worksheets, students will problem solve and speculate about how the media might cover their hacking and what this means for society. This will enable a discussion about decision making and risk revolving around motivations for hacking as well as a general debate on the social construction of crime.

Skillset: Digital literacy and problem solving
Affiliated subject: Criminology

The secret art of music videos

Increasingly we live in a world that is saturated by images and visual information. Being able to read and understand images and their references across a range of media and platforms is crucial in articulating ideas and communicating effectively. This workshop offers students the opportunity to identify and understand the ways that musicians and producers are influenced by and reference art in popular music videos. Pop music and videos offer a familiar and engaging point of departure for students to explore and come up with their own visual analyses of sequences and moments in videos by Drake, R.E.M., Rihanna, Kimbra and Jay-Z, among others. They will learn how music videos reference street art, Renaissance and Baroque paintings and their symbolism, Abstraction and Performance Art.

Skillset: Visual literacy and visual culture
Affiliated subject: Art History

Settlers of the Pacific

The Pacific was the last region of Earth settled by humans. Part of this journey involved remarkable feats of ocean voyaging by Polynesian groups. Set 1,000 years ago when these groups voyaged to settle this last frontier, students will engage in a strategy based game to 'settle the Pacific'. In teams, students will work together to gather resources, select voyagers, travel, settle a new community, and sustain their community. Along the way, they will learn how anthropologists piece together information to understand this process.

Skillset: Teamwork and decision making
Affiliated subject: Anthropology

What's hidden in arguments?

Everyday, people offer arguments to support their viewpoints and decisions, but they seldom fill in all the steps of those arguments. These missing, unspoken steps are known as 'suppressed' premises, without which the arguments will not work. Interestingly, the unspoken premises are quite often either dubious or controversial. In this workshop students will be introduced to the task of identifying, and then questioning, suppressed premises.

Skillset: Critical thinking
Affiliated subject: Philosophy

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