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Support from our alumni and friends helps to ensure that students have access to a university education that supports them to achieve their academic and career goals.

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The Faculty of Arts offers a range of opportunities for our students to develop a deeper understanding of culture, language, literature and society in both national and global contexts from the ancient world to the present. They are taught by staff that include some of New Zealand’s leading experts.

While much research is funded by charities, learned and professional societies, and the universities and research institutes themselves, these contestable dollars are being stretched further each year. To continue to achieve our academic objectives we need strong and continuing private support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations.

The commitment to academic excellence and the passion that previous scholarship winners have shown exemplify the standards we strive for. Education must remain accessible and affordable to all our students, whatever their economic circumstances.

Academic excellence is the key criteria, but financial contributions make a big difference to the students and their ability to focus on their studies.

Margaret Allen Scholarships Manager

Benefactors and sponsors

Our donors allow us to grow our talented scholars and enhance our research activities by providing support for staff and student research.

Generating $4.4 billion of economic benefit annually, the University makes a significant contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of our country. Our challenge is to continue to build on our areas of excellence to make an even greater impact.

Major donations in recent years have transformed our ability to deliver world-class research and teaching programmes in a vibrant intellectual environment.

The faculty receives philanthropic support in a range of ways:

  • Donations and bequests for scholarships and faculty projects
  • An annual appeal to alumni
  • Philanthropic business foundations and community-based trusts
  • Private contributions

All donations are deposited in the University of Auckland Foundation, which is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act and registered under the Charities Act. The foundation has an independent Board of Trustees who are responsible for the stewardship, management and appropriate distribution of philanthropic funds, including bequests that have been given as financial support for the University. Donations can be made for specific purposes, either as an endowment or as an amount that can be used for a specific period of time.

To discuss how you can give back to the Faculty of Arts, contact:

Anne Liddle
Development Manager
Faculty of Arts
Phone: +64 9 923 2309