Thank you to all our supporters

Thank you to all our donors for a successful seven years of philanthropy in the Faculty of Arts. We are very appreciative of those who contributed to the For All Our Futures philanthropic campaign.

We have received gifts of all sizes and for many purposes, from supporting students through the establishment of prizes and scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate level to supporting our teaching and research through the funding of new academic positions. All this support has had a transformational impact.

Through your generosity we have enabled students, including those experiencing financial hardship, to gain a tertiary education, ensuring that our aspiring young New Zealanders are empowered through education. Our students will play an active role in finding solutions to issues facing our country, and their work will contribute significantly to the advancement of our society and culture.

During this campaign we have established over 40 scholarships, prizes and awards in the Faculty, which will support over 400 students now and in the future.

Gifts for research and for three academic positions have enabled the Faculty to make significant new national and international hires. These new academic staff have enriched our community and brought benefits to our students, building capacity in our teaching and research.

Thank you to every one of our donors. The impact of your support for the For All Our Futures philanthropic campaign will continue to resonate throughout the Faculty of Arts and into our community and nation.

Robert Greenberg
Dean, Faculty of Arts