Account manager

Jaimee Brooking completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Film and Television and Sociology and now works as an account manager for Young+Shand.

Jaimee Brooking

Key facts

Career: Account manager
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: Media, Film and Television, Sociology

"I work as an account manager for Young+Shand, a full service digitally-led advertising agency in the heart of Auckland City.

"My role is a unique balancing act of delivering on my clients' needs and expectations, while maintaining the integrity of the ideas produced from our creative department. Day-to-day I work with creatives, designers, strategists and developers, which makes for a dynamic and very entertaining workplace.

"The key to success in my role is understanding what problems I need to solve for my clients, and then delivering digital solutions that will help them to achieve awesome results.

I decided to study a Bachelor of Arts because it was so versatile and I knew it would stimulate my learning. It fuelled my creativity and gave me a greater understanding of people and their behaviour.

"The biggest piece of advice I could give to someone thinking of studying Arts is to study what you're interested in and what you love to do. The information you'll learn will be valuable and applicable to many different career paths.

"I found studying Arts left my options open, which gave me plenty of room to try new things and find out where I thrive best.

"Pick your courses wisely but be open to trying subjects outside of your comfort zone. A good challenge every now and then will set you up for the future."