Communications specialist

Leah Chamberlin completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Film, Television and Media Studies and Political Science and has recently had a role as a Communications Specialist with Fonterra.

Key facts

Career: Communications specialist
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: Media, Film and Television, Political Science

“Both my Media Studies and my Political Science courses have helped me in my career. With Media Studies, I focussed on digital media and the different ways to approach audiences on different platforms. This knowledge is invaluable in a global organisation such as Fonterra because you need to reach a diverse range of stakeholders in a global setting.

“Political Science taught me to think critically, which helps to shape my approach to each project that I am working on. It also taught me awareness of current events, and working within such an influential company I use my knowledge of government agencies such as the Ministry for Primary Industries and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise on a daily basis.

“I really enjoyed my experience of being an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts. The tutors and lecturers are approachable and the broad range of subjects is fantastic. Arts subjects interconnect in unexpected and useful ways so everything you learn seems to be relevant to all of your topics.”