Content and advertising manager

Shreya Gejji completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Film and Television and English and a Master of Arts in Screen Production and now works as a content and advertising manager at Mindvalley in Kuala Lumpur.

Key facts

Career: Content and advertising manager
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Media, Film and Television, Screen Production, Psychology

“Mindvalley is one of the world’s largest personal growth companies, dedicated to pushing humanity forward through transformational education. I run YouTube, branding and content strategy for their fastest growing business – Evercoach, the world's first online academy for professional coaches.

“I really enjoy the dynamic nature of my role. If I am producing a YouTube series on one day, on another I’ll be brainstorming on a social media strategy and helping launch a brand-new educational product to market. The perfect blend of creativity, analytical and strategic thinking in my job constantly keeps me on my toes, which ensures that I am always challenged and never get bored!

“My academic background in Arts has been fundamental in paving the way to my career today. Studying film at both an undergraduate and masters level equipped me with solid technical skills in filmmaking, writing and producing that have translated directly in my current role at Mindvalley. It also allowed me a taste of a variety of courses, industries and fields that helped me determine and pursue the kind of work I was most interested in.

The single most useful skill I gained as an Arts student was the ability to think critically and question everything.

"This transformed the way I view the world and has proved particularly useful in the industry I am in, where innovation, critical thinking and creativity are integral to my role.

“I cannot encourage anyone enough to pursue an academic journey in the Arts. Studying for a Bachelor of Arts will shape your worldview, teach you to think critically, challenge your opinions and equip you with invaluable skills that will hold you in great stead, regardless of the career path you choose later in life.”