Senior content producer

A Bachelor of Arts prepared Zak Wash for a career creating content from scratch for a digital agency.

Key facts

Career: Senior content producer
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: English and Media, Film and Television

"I'm a content producer for a Wellington-based digital agency. I work alongside designers and developers to help build websites and apps for some of New Zealand's biggest brands.

"My role involves concepting and creating the content that lives on the digital properties we launch. That content can be anything from words and images to animations, videos and interactions.

The key thing I took away from my Arts degree was how to learn quickly and develop a good understanding of complex ideas.

"Because I studied such a broad range of topics, I was constantly picking up new concepts and then using what I'd learnt to form concise arguments. That's pretty much exactly what I do now.

"The hands-on skills I learnt studying English and Film come in handy when it's time to create some content from scratch.

"Don't limit yourself to one particular niche or skillset. Don't stress about finding your dream job straight away. Keep working and learning and you'll find something that's meaningful to you."