Retail marketing executive

Laura Butler’s BA developed her awareness of how people behave and this helped her become a retail marketing executive at Air New Zealand.

Key facts

Career: Retail marketing executive
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: Media, Film and Television; Psychology

“I’m currently a retail marketing executive with Air New Zealand. I’m new to the role so it’s all still very exciting to me! As retail marketing executives, our team manages the retail campaigns and all that comes with them, including television, radio and outdoor advertising as well as the digital components such as online banners, emails and webpages. It’s pretty awesome to have responsibility for so many different facets of the campaign.

“I’ve always wanted to get into marketing in this type of role and it’s my first week on the job, so basically all of it is enjoyable! My biggest highlight so far was going into the studio with our talent to record some voice overs for a television campaign. I think there’s going to be a lot of highlights to come.

“Studying Media, Film and Television and Psychology prepared me well for marketing roles. They have helped me to understand how people think and then applying it to marketing situations.

Doing a BA really helped me to mature in my ideas and stand up for my point of view. Being able to formulate clear reasoning with evidence is a huge part of marketing, so all those essays really paid off.

“The biggest reason I did a BA was the flexibility it had to be able to study a wide range of subjects rather than getting pigeon-holed into something right from the beginning. It gave me the opportunity to take a few other papers and decide if what I was doing at the beginning was right for me and if I should keep doing it. I actually did Drama for my first year instead of Media, Film and Television. I took one MFTV paper and was hooked!

“I know that if I hadn’t done a BA, I would not be where I have ended up today.”