Zak Devey

Zak is a Bachelor of Arts student and co-founder of Youth Arts New Zealand.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Majors: Psychology and Sociology

"I am a member of the Arts Scholars Programme, which appealed because of the rich variety of content we explore – all the while scoring points toward my major.

"I love learning what I don’t know. Subjects often explore concepts far from what you thought they would examine and that should be celebrated!

"It’s important students encourage each other to apply their skills in creative ways. In this respect, it is the unexpected skillsets I’ve attained which I cherish the most. 

Student life at Auckland is what you make of it. There is challenge for those who crave it, and a rich culture to explore if one is itching to grow their sense of self.

"The Faculty of Arts has a unique personality, full of creative environments and spontaneous interactions. The variety of content can intimidate at first but in time I believe the variety becomes the faculty’s most endearing quality.

"Auckland is a hub for opportunity; located in its heart the University represents an environment where ambition and engagement with your passion can thrive.

"I see myself building a social enterprise with which to combat New Zealand’s shocking youth mental illness statistics. When I’m older, I’d also like to create a private practise where I can work as a Clinical Psychologist.

"While it’s not always easy to jump into the professional world, there is no better network to tap into when preparing for the real world than that which the University of Auckland offers.

"Don’t wait until you finish studying to take steps towards the change you wish to make. The University of Auckland is filled with passionate people who are eager to help you on your next project, whatever it may be.

"The most powerful tool the University offers is passion - there’s no better time to aim high!"