Accelerate your skills

Grow your capabilites and gain confidence with career-focused learning in our new course ARTSGEN 102 Solving Your Future.

What does ARTSGEN 102 involve?

During your BA you will develop creative and critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills, putting you in a strong position for future careers. With ARTSGEN 102 you'll get an extra opportunity to lift those skills and put them into real-world application.

ARTSGEN 102 is an elective (optional) Stage I course you can take in any year of your BA. Together with students from other disciplines, you’ll unpack and practise the skills you are developing in your Arts courses. You'll also practise self-reflection and learn about techniques for coping with challenges and change. As part of the course you’ll be presented with a specific problem-solving challenge from a local organisation. You'll use your skills and develop your strengths as you work on a collaborative team project to create and present an innovative solution to address the challenge.

You'll have the opportunity to extend your social and cultural connections, start to form a picture of where your strengths and capabilities lie, and will learn different ways of working to address real-world problems. You'll also get to make a one minute video summarising and presenting your skills and strengths.

Key benefits

  • Grow your capabilities in innovation, teamwork and leadership
  • Gain extra opportunities for collaboration with students from other disciplines
  • Expand your self-awareness and discover where your strengths and abilities could lead you
  • Get an opportunity to practise the skills you've been developing through your BA
  • Learn how to articulate what you can offer future employers
  • Gain confidence for your move into the job market
  • Hone skills you can take into the future of work

More information

Contact the Course Convenor, Jane Bradley at