Our industry partners

Find out more about the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management's industry partners.

Carter Holt Harvey

Carter Holt Harvey has long been one of Australasia's leading forest products companies. It has been operating for more than 100 years and has been owned by the Rank Group since 2005. Carter Holt Harvey's main focus has now settled on the Australasian markets. The organisation is a heavily innovation-oriented with multiple patents and a continuous push to improve and diversify products and associated services. Carter Holt Harvey is keen on promoting research that optimises Information Systems infrastructure.

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OJI Fibre Solutions

OJIFS is a world leader in producing pulp, paper and fibre-based packaging. It was purchased from the Rank Group by the Japanese consortium of OJI Group and INCJ in 2014, and immediately the imprints of Japanese culture were felt. Community-centered, sustainability-focused, and future-oriented are the highlights of the way OJIFS thinks and operates. This is why, just like CHH, they have been happy to be involved in research that optimises a critical part of their information systems infrastructure.

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New Zealand Red Cross

New Zealand Red Cross is many things to many people - a hot meal, a safe drive to hospital or knowledge that our aid workers are helping overseas in true Kiwi style. 

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Turners and Growers

Turners and Growers grow produce including pipfruit, grapes, citrus, kiwifruit and covered crops in over 12 locations around the globe.

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Microsoft Imagine

ISOM is a member of Microsoft’s Imagine Program (formerly DreamSpark), through which students and staff are provided access to industry-grade Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research.

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IIBA Academic Member

ISOM is an academic member of the International Institute of Business Analysis. The IIBA is the leading association for business analysis around the globe. Our Systems Analysis course allows students to be awarded the IIBA® Academic Certificate in Business Analysis.

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Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland has been serving Auckland for the last 175 years and the port is still growing fast. It now handles almost one million containers per year. It is also the hub for close to 100 visiting cruise ships per annum, a major part for the economy for Auckland and New Zealand. It is an active member of the CSCM Advisory Board, and hosts presentations for our students as a part of their education and training.

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